45 Years of Wildlife and Pest Removal Experience

Animal Relocation, Cleanup, Damage Repair, and Barrier Installation

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control is the Northeastern Pennsylvania and Central New York region’s most experienced and skilled professional pest wildlife control and animal removal service. Our staff members have diverse backgrounds in fields including biology, farming, livestock operations, and a variety of outdoor pursuits. Our employees bring over 45 years of combined experience in the areas of wildlife and pest animal removal, relocation, cleanup and damage repair, barrier installation, and re-entry prevention to assist you with your nuisance animal control issue. For the most technically challenging or sensitive wildlife removal and relocation issues, we employ a professional consulting wildlife biologist to ensure a successful outcome for even the most difficult cases.

Extensive Experience and Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control

In addition to our extensive training and experience handling wildlife-related issues for our valued customers, the staff members of Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control are committed to keeping up-to-date with relevant issues and furthering our education in the field. We routinely pursue continuing education courses offered through a variety of reputable sources including the New York State Department of Conservation, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, and many others. Ultimately, your protection is our main goal and we aim to secure as much current knowledge as possible regarding wildlife-related issues including vermin outbreaks, zoonoses (diseases and infections that can be transmitted from animals to humans), advanced control methods, and much more.

Licensed and Insured Wildlife Control Experts

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control is fully insured, bonded, and licensed for your peace of mind and we have over thirteen years of experience serving our customers’ pest animal control issues as a team of extensively trained and skilled wildlife control experts. Our comprehensive pest control program is designed to completely eliminate the wildlife from your structure and property in a humane manner, clean up all signs of infestation, sanitize your property, and prevent repeat infestation for your peace of mind.

We Remove and Relocate Wildlife and Nuisance Animals

Our philosophy is that wild animals have a place –and that place is in their natural habitat, not in your dwelling or place of business! We remove and relocate wild animals that have become pests at your location and place them far away from human habitation into the natural wilderness environment where they belong.

We are certified and licensed by the appropriate state and national governmental agencies and we work closely with their staff members as well as several private organizations with a strong ethical interest in wildlife and animal control to place nuisance critters in the most appropriate environment to ensure their well being as well as that of your family, clients, and guests.

Certified Wildlife Damage Professional and Home Improvement Contractor

We are certified with the Pennsylvania Attorney General as a registered Home Improvement Contractor, licensed and certified by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the New York State Department of Environmental Protection, and the Delaware and New Jersey Divisions of Fish & Wildlife.

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control is a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA), the National Wildlife Damage Management Academy and is a Certified Wildlife Damage Professional (CWDP).

We understand that wildlife and animal intrusion into your home can be an unsettling and sometimes frightening experience. We are here for you 24/7 to provide prompt, reliable emergency removal of animal intruders from your location.

Wildlife Removal in Lackawanna & Carbon Counties

For 24/7 emergency service or to schedule a service appointment for our guaranteed reliable wildlife removal, pest elimination, and remediation services in Lackawanna and Carbon Counties, as well as within our extensive Northeastern Pennsylvania and Central New York service area, contact Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control toll-free at: 866-442-9360.