Learn More About Nuisance Wildlife in NE PA & Central NY

Human Population Encroachment on Wildlife Causes Problems

Wild animals typically do not cause problems for humans when they exist in their natural habitats in environments far from human civilizations. The facts indicate that in most cases, wildlife prefer to be left alone and to leave humans alone, as well. however, as the human population grows and increasingly encroaches into territory that was previously occupied solely by wildlife (or when wildlife leave their natural habitat in search of handouts, scraps, and the convenience of living inside of human-occupied structures) problems may occur. Additionally, previously tame populations of pets including cats, dogs, and exotic pets can rapidly become feral and threaten human and domestic pet populations, as well.

Wildlife Cause Property Damage, Distress, and Disease for People

When wildlife interact with humans and domesticated animals and cause property damage, emotional distress, or the threat of disease, this becomes a problem that must be dealt with promptly. If you are experiencing a nuisance animal infestation, contact Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control for 100% humane animal control and removal. We extract the animal(s) in question and relocate them to the most appropriate environment for their health and well being, as well as that of you and your family.

Wild animals have the same needs we do. They require water, food, and a safe, sheltered place to raise their young. As natural predators decrease and natural habitats shrink, your home or business may appear to be the logical option for these animals when looking for a means of survival. Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control deals with wildlife and feral animal infestation issues on a daily basis and we are here to assist you with prompt animal removal, fecal matter cleanup and disinfection, damage repair, and barrier installation to help prevent further re-infestation.

How to Avoid Rabies, Hisoplasmosis, Lyme Disease, and Lice

The presence of wild animals as pests within your home or business can create a variety of issues that may pose dangers to human health including the potential for infection by diseases including rabies, histoplasmosis, Lyme disease, lice, and many other pathogens and parasites that can cause serious illnesses and/or death. Bites from venomous snakes may result in serious health issues, as well. If you are wondering how to avoid contracting there diseases, the best way is installation of effective barriers.

Wildlife and Bird Barrier Installation and Damage Repair

The nests of birds can block gutters and cause extensive water damage. In addition, many bird species spread diseases, including influenza, through human exposure to droppings. Some species, such as Canada Geese, are aggressive and will bite and chase humans within a close proximity. Birds seeking to build nests near the upper structures of buildings are known to relentlessly pick holes into the wooden structures of these buildings and in many cases, will even peel back metal to place their nests within these areas. These compromised areas then allow entry of other pest species into their interior of the building. Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control installs reliable barriers and also repairs damage cause by wildlife.

Skunks, Raccoons, and Squirrels Cause Damage and Spread Disease

Skunks and raccoons spread garbage and can inadvertently spread diseases including rabies and other pathogens as a result of their activity on or near your property. Skunks and raccoons, as well as deer and birds, are responsible for significant agricultural losses every year. Squirrels can cause an immense amount of damage to orchards, ornamental trees, lawns, gardens, power lines, and residential electrical wires. All of the nuisance animal pests will readily cause property damage to gain entry into structures. Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control will put an end to the structural and sanitation problems cause by these creatures right away.

Laws Protect Certain Species – We Help You Avoid Fines and Imprisonment

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control is a National Goose Management Academy Certified Goose Management Professional (CGMP). You can depend on us to competently and efficiently control any size of geese issue that you are facing throughout much of the Northeastern United States (New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Western Massachusetts). We offer removal of a few individuals to entire flocks of geese, as well as cleanup and sanitation of areas affected by goose droppings. We are the region’s most trusted goose management experts. Let us eliminate the geese that are causing your problems.