Permanent, Humane Bat Removal and Exclusion Service

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control offers 100% humane, guaranteed permanent, professional bat exclusion. There are ten species of bats that live in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey and of these ten species, all may be found living in buildings occasionally. However, three of these bat species have a strong preference for roosting primarily in the attics of residential, agricultural, and other dry, enclosed structures. Our technicians are trained to identify and successfully exclude these particular bats based on extensive knowledge of their habits and behavior.

Guaranteed Bat Exclusion: If Bats Return, We Come Back

If you are experiencing a bat infestation in your residential or commercial structure within our bat exclusion service area of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Western Massachusetts, contact Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control for prompt bat removal, as well as permanent, professional-grade exclusion. Our bat exclusion service is guaranteed. If bats return, we come back. Period.

Six Steps to Ensure Elimination of Your Bat Infestation

There are essentially six steps to our bat removal process. Our wildlife removal technicians work efficiently, yet thoroughly to ensure that your bat infestation is eliminated for good. Bats perform an extraordinary range of invaluable ecological services. Therefore, the lethal elimination of some species of bats is a criminal act in many states. Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control will ensure that your bat infestation issue is controlled in accordance with all state and federal regulations.

We Stakeout the Structure to Locate Entry Points

The initial step in our bat elimination service is to make a determination of precisely which area of your structure the bats are using as their main entry and exit point. We will perform a bat stakeout to watch for bat entry/exit behavior. A bat control technician will arrive at your property at sunset, which is the time that bats normally wake and leave their dwelling for the night to begin feeding because they are nocturnal animals.

We Seal All Entry Routes and Install Barriers

Following determination of the main egress point, our technicians work to seal up the main and secondary entry points that have been determined to be in use by the bats. The entire structure is completely sealed up to create an impermeable barrier that prevents bats from re-entering the property. Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control uses the highest quality products to seal off every possible entry/exit point. We examine the structure from every angle to locate all areas where bats could possibly enter the structure and we then block and completely seal these routes. Some of the most common bat entry locations include: soffit, fascia, drip edge, dormers, ridge vents, cross ventilation louvers, chimneys, and other similar areas that a bat could use to gain entry for infestation purposes. It is critical to seal off the entire structure (including secondary or “backdoor” entry points) because the bats feel that the structure belongs to them and will use any means of entry possible.

One Way Netting Prevents Re-Entry

After we have eliminated all means for the bats to re-enter the property, we will set up a one-way netting system at the main entry/exit point that will allow any bats that have remained inside of your structure to exit. These bats will have a period of seven to ten days (depending on the size of the colony) to exit the structure. However, once they leave they will find that it is impossible to return.

Comprehensive Fecal Matter and Guano Cleanup

Perhaps the most important step of the bat elimination process is the cleanup of all residual debris and fecal matter (a.k.a. guano). The bat guano that has been deposited in your home or business poses several serious threats to human health, the most significant of which is histoplasmosis, a potentially fatal fungal infection. Our technicians will access the area(s) where the bats were living and perform a comprehensive cleanup and sanitation service to eliminate guano and residual material from the bat infestation.

Disinfection, Deodorization, and Elimination of Bat Bugs

Following bat removal and guano elimination, our service technicians will thoroughly disinfect the area where the bat infestation occurred. Bats tend to leave behind massive infestations of bat bugs, which are very similar to bed bugs. Bat bugs and their larvae will make their way into the main living areas of the house when deprived of their main source of nourishment (the bats that have been removed). The bat bugs will then begin feeding on the blood of the human and animal inhabitants of the house. It is very important to eliminate the bat bugs before they begin searching for a secondary food source. In addition, bats leave behind a distinctive and very unpleasant odor. Our technicians will then completely deodorize the infestation area, leaving you with a clean, fresh-smelling bat-free attic once again!

An Impermeable Final Seal Prevents Bat Infestation

The last step in the bat elimination process is to remove the one-way exit netting after the bats have been given ample opportunity to escape through the main exit point. This area will then be thoroughly sealed with impermeable materials to prevent further infestation by bats.

If bats find their way back in again after our comprehensive bat exclusion process and the final seal has been completed, we will come back until the issue is resolved. Our bat exclusion services are 100% guaranteed.

To schedule an appointment for comprehensive bat exclusion services by Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control, contact us toll-free at (866) 442-9360.

We use Ridge-Guard vented animal exclusions. A system of ridged vents for guarding against animal entry at the roof ridge. The solution to bats, mice and squirrels entering roof ridge. These vents also protect shingles from overheating in the summer and excess moisture build up in the winter.