Pest Bird Removal and Control in Pennsylvania and New York

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control offers comprehensive pest bird removal and control services for residents who are experiencing distress and property damage as a result of the presence of nuisance birds living in and around their property. Although many species of songbirds are welcome additions to our lawns and property, there are several species of nuisance birds that routinely cause issues including various health hazards, threats to public safety, and destruction to homes, businesses, and agricultural operations in Pennsylvania, New York, and throughout our extended service area including much of the Northeastern United States.

We Eliminate Nuisance Birds and Waterfowl

The main nuisance birds that create issues for our clients throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and Central New York include:
  • Pigeons
  • Starlings
  • Sparrows
  • Crows
  • Grackles
  • Geese
  • Turkey Vultures
  • Gulls
  • Woodpeckers
  • Cliff & Barn Swallows

Pigeons, Starlings, and Sparrows pose some of the greatest risks to human and companion animal health. In addition, they are known for causing destruction to buildings and other man-made structures. We eliminate these nuisance birds and waterfowl from your property efficiently to help you avoid the negative consequences that their presence may have on your property and your health.

Pigeons: The Main Avian Hazard to Human Health and Destruction

Pigeons are the main urban avian pest throughout the world –and one of the most dangerous. They were initially domesticated over 2,000 years ago and huge populations have since become feral, but they have never developed a fear of humans and have remained present in large numbers everywhere that humans thrive. The urine of pigeons is highly corrosive, their nests clog gutters, and they host an extensive variety of fungi, bacteria, viruses, and ectoparasites such as lice and mites that also attack humans.

Starlings: Highly Aggressive Birds That Leave a Trail of Destruction

European Starlings were introduced to the United States in the 19th century and have since become one of the most destructive pests in urban environments. These highly aggressive birds attack native bird species and gather in huge flocks, leaving a trail of destruction in their path. Their acidic urine and feces corrode and destroy all types of structures including those made of wood, stone, and metal. In addition, Starlings host a variety of parasites, fungi, and bacteria that pose a danger to human health.

Sparrow Nests Cause Water Backup and Destroy Homes

Sparrows lack natural predators in our region and exist in massive quantities throughout the Northeast. They breed rapidly and prefer to nest in and on houses and buildings where their nests create damage in the form of clogged drains and gutters that can cause massive water damage and even the potential for fires when they build nests in machinery. Their feces is acidic and damages all types of structures. They also host a variety of parasitic and harmful microorganisms that adversely affect human health.

Crows: The Most Damaging Avian Agricultural Pests

Crows are by far the region’s most damaging avian agricultural pests and are known for harassing people and animals. These birds can create noisy disturbances and overwhelm orchards.

Grackles Are Noisy Crop Destroyers and Feces Spreaders

Grackles are known for causing noise disturbances when they gather in large numbers and frequent waste disposal areas where they spread garbage and debris. They also frequent agricultural areas and destroy seedlings and crops. In addition, Grackles deposit large quantities of fecal matter resulting in slippery and unsanitary conditions.

Canada Geese Deposit Large Quantities of Foul Fecal Matter

Canada Geese are a major plague to suburban areas, particularly locations that have open water sources. Their numbers have increased dramatically over the past several decades. These large birds deposit significant quantities of large-sized, unsanitary fecal matter on the country clubs, parks, golf courses, farms, and lawns where they increasingly take advantage of a life of ease instead of migrating for the winter. They trample and consume huge quantities of agricultural goods, create foul conditions in ponds and public reservoirs, and create serious hazards for airlines.

Turkey Vultures Destroy Roofs and Deposit Decaying Carcasses

Turkey Vultures are known to create massive property damage within a very short period of time. These large scavengers rapidly attack exterior surfaces such as roofs and caulking and deposit decaying animal flesh in close proximity to human habitations. These bones and carcasses pose an ongoing health risk and are an aesthetic eyesore for homeowners and businesses. Their large, foul-smelling droppings pose additional serious risks to public health and their noisy behavior is usually unwelcome, as well.

Gulls Damage Property and Harass People

Gulls are common along coastal areas, as well as large lakes and rivers. These large birds are a nuisance at dumps, piers, and harbors and they cause significant damage to boats, streetlights, buildings, and low-flying aircraft. In addition, these bold birds have a reputation for grabbing food right out of the hands of people.

Woodpeckers Damage Wooden Structures and Create Nuisance Noise

Woodpeckers are mainly found in wooded regions where they are well known for creating extensive damage to wooden houses and other wood-based structures including telephone poles and fences. Their excessively loud early-morning drumming creates a noise disturbance that is a nuisance for people living in the area.

Cliff and Barn Swallows Leave Fecal Trails Down Buildings

Cliff and Barn Swallows have been very successful at adapting from their native habitat of cliffs and caves to homes and business structures. Their mud-based nests are an unwelcome and unsightly addition to residential structures and office buildings, as are the fecal trails that descend from their nests. Swallows also harbor a variety of parasites that readily enter structures through tiny cracks in the buildings’ exteriors and create unsanitary conditions and infestation issues.

Choose Fur & Feathers for Prompt, Legal Bird Management in the NE US

Most of these birds are protected by state and federal law and cannot legally be exterminated. If you are experiencing a nuisance issue or are facing a potential health hazard as a result of a bird infestation in the Northeastern United States, contact Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control right away.

We offer prompt 100% humane and effective management solutions for removal and control of these and many other species of wildlife, as well as cleanup, repair, and barrier installation service throughout our special extended bird and waterfowl management area of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Western Massachusetts. In addition, we offer cleanup and damage repair, as well as bird perching deterrents and the most effective barrier installation available. Call us toll-free at (866) 442-9360 to schedule an appointment.