Professional Chipmunk Trapping and Removal in PA and NY

Chipmunk Burrow Location and Humane Elimination

Chipmunks are increasingly choosing to live in and near rural and suburban human habitations in NE Pennsylvania and Central New York where they aggressively defend their burrow entrance and an approximately 50’ range from the entry. Chipmunk burrows are difficult to identify. Chipmunks carefully relocate disturbed soil far away from the burrow. Additionally, the entry locations tend to be well hidden near structures, stumps, woodpiles, etc. The entrance is typically about 2” in diameter and very inconspicuous.

Beneath the main borrow, the chipmunk will have typically constructed an immense system of tunnels, including several escape tunnels, a nesting chamber, food storage chambers, side pockets, and other features and “rooms.” Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control will efficiently locate chipmunk burrows and humanely eliminate these rodents from in, on, and under your property.

Chipmunks Create Nuisances for Agricultural Producers

Chipmunks are generally not considered a major pest. Their activities are largely beneficial as they consume insect pests and by their activity of storing/scattering (essentially planting) seeds. They are considered “nature’s gardeners.” However, their activities may create a nuisance situation for agricultural operators, home gardeners, maple syrup producers, and bird watchers. Their preferred diet may conflict with farming operations, as it includes grains, berries, nuts, seeds, and seedlings. In addition, chipmunks will consume juvenile birds and eggs. They are known to dig up flower bulbs, grass seed, and voraciously seek out pet food.

Chipmunks Cause Structural Damage to Foundations

When chipmunks experience a population boom, the overall combined presence of the population may result in structural damage as they attempt to create many borrows along building foundations and other structures. However, chipmunks are a preferred prey for many predators and their numbers rarely reach levels that result in massive levels of destruction.

If you are experiencing a nuisance issue as a result of chipmunk presence in or near your home or business, contact Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control for a rapid response to your situation. Our trained technicians will remove the offending chipmunk(s) and assist with methods for future control including barrier installation. To schedule an appointment, call us toll-free at: (866) 442-9360.