Humane House Mouse Extermination in PA and NY

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control provides residents within our Northeastern PA and Central NY service area with the best approach for humane extermination of house mice infestations in residential, commercial, and agricultural locations. The house mouse is one of the world’s most common mammals. Populations of mice are nearly equivalent to the human population and they have and continue to exist in close association with mankind. However, the relationship is beneficial only to the mice.

House Mice Are Humanity’s Most Damaging Pest

House mice are generally the most troublesome and damaging pest that humanity faces. These creatures live in and around all types of human habitations and are the cause of significant financial losses in terms of agricultural damage and contaminated foods. Although mice prefer seeds and grain, they will eat a wide variety of foods with a strong preference for foods with a high sugar, fat, or protein content. House mice do not require a regular water source and are able to extract water from the foods that they eat.

Halt a Mouse Infestation as Soon as Possible

House mice will readily live outside of human homes during favorable weather and return to human habitation when the weather cools. House mice nests are typically constructed of fibrous materials and appear to be loosely woven “balls.” Each female mouse can produce up to 10 litters per year with an average of six to eight offspring per litter. Within six weeks, the newly born mice are capable of reproducing. A single pair of house mice can rapidly overtake a house. It is critical to halt a house mouse infestation as soon as possible.

Mice Rapidly Decimate and Contaminate Food Stores

Mice living in homes and commercial structures will rapidly decimate and contaminate food stores. They will open and nibble on a wide variety of food sources. In addition to contaminating food supplies with their saliva, they will also urinate, defecate, and deposit contaminated hairs all over the entire region. They will chew through and destroy food storage equipment at residential, commercial, and agricultural locations.

Know the Signs of House Mice Infestations

If you have witnessed a mouse on your property, or suspect that you may have an active house mice infestation, we will assist you by eliminating the mice, cleaning and disinfecting the areas affected, and installing barriers to prevent future infestation. It is helpful to know the signs of house mice infestations.

Signs of the presence of house mice include:

  • 1/4” droppings located along feeding, shelter, and runway areas
  • Urine presence (identified via fluorescent lighting)
  • Tracks, footprints, and tail marks left in dusty areas or flour test patches
  • Smudge/ rub marks along beams, rafters, walls, pipes, etc. where mice rub against
  • Gnawed doors, ledges, corners, and walls/ wood shavings
  • Sounds (gnawing, squeaks, climbing in walls, and running across ceilings)
  • Sighting of mice
  • Nests (fibrous material finely shredded) found in closets, garages, attics, basements, etc.
  • Odor (house mice emit a characteristic musky odor)

If you are experiencing an issue with house mice destroying your food supply and property and exposing you to the risks of potentially fatal diseases, contact the professional animal control technicians of Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control. We promptly eliminate mice for customers throughout our Northeastern PA and Central NY service area and prevent them from returning. Call us toll-free to schedule your appointment today: (866) 442-9360.