Professional Opossum/Possum Trapping and Removal in PA and NY

Possum Nests Create an Unsanitary Condition

The professional wildlife control technicians of Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control provide permanent, humane removal of opossums/possums from your Northeastern PA or Central NY property. Opossums are very beneficial animals in their natural habitat. They typically prefer to live in moist, swampy areas but will accept a diverse range of habitats. They can occasionally be found attempting to set up a nest in the attic of a home, business or an infrequently used garage where they may cause a nuisance and create a very unsanitary condition. At times, they will burrow directly beneath your house or deck and begin depositing urine and fecal matter near your home. Opossums create a messy nest and are generally unkempt animals whose food preferences include carrion, garbage, and pet food when found living in or near human habitations.

Possum Fecal Matter Attracts Pests Such as Cockroaches

Opossums living in your attic, walls, or garage will urinate and deposit fecal matter right on your property, creating an odorous, unsanitary condition that will tend to attract additional pest species including cockroaches, rodents, and a variety of beetles and other insects. While opossums will consume many of these pests, they will not be able to eradicate all of the pests that they attract and eventually you will have an additional pest control situation to deal with.

Avoid the Frightening Responses of Scared Opossums

Opossums exhibit several frightening responses when they feel scared or threatened, including baring their teeth, growling, hissing, biting, screeching, and secreting a foul-smelling green fluid from their anal gland. These behaviors can be terrifying to family members (particularly young children), customers, and visiting guests, Due to the unpleasant characteristics that opossums sometimes exhibit in the presence of humans, most individuals who encounter opossums in or near their property prefer that they be relocated to a more appropriate natural habitat as soon as possible to best avoid dealing with these situations.

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control is Northeastern Pennsylvania and Central New York’s preferred choice for removing opossums that have become a nuisance on your property and preventing them from returning. If you have an opossum that has decided to live with you against your will, is rummaging through and spreading your garbage or compost pile all over your property, or consuming your pet’s food, contact us right away at our toll-free number: (866) 442-9360.