Wildlife Elimination, Total Restoration, and Barrier Installation

“One Call Does It All!”

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control offers comprehensive 100% humane elimination of nuisance and pest wildlife and feral animals, as well as the fecal material and damage that they leave behind, from your home or business. In addition, our wildlife control technicians restore your structure to its clean, sanitized, pre-infestation state. We are also able to install barriers to prevent infestations and re-infestations, as well as close off entry points and restore walls, insulation, and other damaged components of your home or business. We truly are your one call does it all wildlife control and management service provider!

Fully Certified Removal and Control of Nuisance Wildlife

At Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control, we are fully certified and licensed by all local, state, and federal entities to properly handle the removal and control of nuisance wildlife. With over 45 years of combined experience, our technicians are fully trained, experienced, and skilled to take care of your small to mid-sized pest animal issue. In addition, we are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

We remove and control all types of nuisance pests. Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control will put an end to structural damage caused by nuisance wildlife and will also clean up residual droppings that have been left throughout your home.

Removal of Skunks and Woodchucks From Under Your Porch and Garage

There is no need to deal with the skunks that are hiding beneath your porch or garage and terrorizing your family. We will remove the woodchucks/ groundhogs that are living beneath your shed or garage. If bats have taken up residence in your attic and are leaving disease-laden guano piles in your home, count on us to eliminate the issue for good. Our technicians will remove any squirrels that have been disturbing and defecating in your insulation and chewing on your electrical wires and placing your home at an increased risk of catching on fire. No matter what type of nuisance wildlife is causing a hazardous situation for you, we will handle it!

Comprehensive Wildlife Pest Inspections and Educational Programs

The services of Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control include:

  • Animal Capture & Removal
  • Comprehensive Site Inspections
  • Site Evaluations, Diagnosis, and Recommendations
  • Architectural & Contractor Consultations
  • Wildlife & Small Animal Identification
  • Diagnosis of Infestation by Odor & Noise
  • Odor Treatment, Cleanup, & Disinfection
  • Sanitation & Odor Elimination
  • Extraction of Den/Nesting Material
  • Poison-Free Rodent Control (to Prevent Loss of Apex Predators)
  • Urine & Fecal Matter Elimination
  • Home Inspections (Real Estate Buyers & Sellers)
  • Consultations
  • Removal of Living and/or Deceased Wildlife
  • Wildlife Educational Programs & Speaking Engagements for Schools & Groups
  • Noise Mitigation Treatments
  • Bird & Flock Control
  • 100% Humane Removal and Relocation of Nuisance or Pest Wildlife and Wild Animals

We begin our comprehensive pest animal control protocol by identifying the nuisance animal in question, if necessary. We then capture, remove, and relocate the animal. To prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases, we thoroughly clean and disinfect affected areas, remove and replace contaminated insulation, walls, and other damaged materials, and then install a durable barrier system to prevent future infestation by the same animals or animals and pests that would use the damaged areas to gain entry.

Structural Repair, Reconstruction, and Wildlife Barrier Installation

Our structural repair, reconstruction, nuisance animal structural damage mitigation, and barrier installation services include:
  • Wall Repair
  • Soffit & Fascia Repair
  • Attic Insulation Removal & Replacement
  • Partial Building Reconstruction
  • Hole Patching
  • Barrier Installation & Sealing
  • Chimney Cap Installation
  • Chimney Crown Repairs
  • Installation of Exhaust & Dryer Vent Covers (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Anti-Perching Device Installation
  • Site Cleanup (Including Fecal Matter, Bird & Bat Guano)

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control installs an extensive variety of barriers designed specifically to target the species in question to prevent entry. We install Pest Armor™ Gutter Guards to virtually eliminate bird nests from being built into and destroying your gutters, as well as complete bird bypass systems to discourage birds of all types from roosting on or near your property via anti-perching devices.

We install vent and chimney screening, crown repairs, and caps to prevent birds and small animals from gaining access into your home or business by this route, as well. Our dryer vent and exhaust covers offer a lifetime warranty. In addition, Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control will install a comprehensive burrowing animal prevention system to protect your property from the harmful and annoying behavior of animals such as skunks, woodchucks, raccoons, and opossums. We also specialize in installing the most reliable and humane bat exclusions so that you won’t have to worry about being invaded by unwanted “guests” again.

Fast, Reliable Removal of Canada Geese in the Northeastern US

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control is a National Goose Management Academy Certified Goose Management Professional (CGMP). You can depend on us to competently and efficiently control any size of geese issue that you are facing throughout much of the Northeastern United States (New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Western Massachusetts). We offer removal of a few individuals to entire flocks of geese, as well as cleanup and sanitation of areas affected by goose droppings. We are the region’s most trusted goose management experts. Let us eliminate the geese that are causing your problems.

Fur & Feathers: The Northeastern United States’ Best Bat Excluder

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control is a Certified Bat Excluder (CBE) through Bat Conservation International. Our expertly trained technicians have the skills to install highly reliable barriers that even the most determined bats are unable to breach. Let us help keep your Northeastern U.S. home or business free of bats and the dangers of bat guano within your living areas with the best bat exclusion services available.

Wildlife Removal and Remediation in Schuylkill & Clinton Co.

For 24/7 emergency service or to schedule a service appointment for our guaranteed reliable wildlife removal, pest elimination and remediation services in Schuylkill and Clinton Counties, or elsewhere in our service area of Northeastern PA and Central NY, contact Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control toll-free at: 866-442-9360.