Prompt Professional Trapping and Removal of Skunks in PA & NY

Remove Skunks to Avoid Exposure to Their Noxious Spray

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control offers residents throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and Central New York prompt, professional trapping and 100% humane removal of skunks from residential and commercial properties. Skunks perform valuable services by consuming pest insects, as well as mice and rate. However, they are also well known for spraying an irritating, noxious, and highly offensive musk at humans and animals that they perceive to be a threat. This alone is a common reason for our customers to request immediate removal of skunks when they are found to be frequenting garbage storage areas, beehives, and other areas where they know that they will have ready access to a varied, high-calorie food supply. It is prudent to avoid exposure to the noxious musk of skunks. We will assist you by removing the skunk –and the possibility of being sprayed.

Skunks Damage Building and Create Pest Entry Pathways

When the burrowing and feeding habits of skunks begin to interfere with human activities, they become a nuisance wildlife pest and should be relocated to a more appropriate wilderness environment as soon as possible for the well being of humans in the area, as well as the skunk. Skunks cause damage to foundations, as well as the undersides of buildings, steps, garages, etc. when their burrowing activities result in the removal of significant parts of the structure, which also creates a ready pathway for entry of other pest creatures.

Skunks Are A Pest Consumer of Corn, Chickens, and Eggs

Skunks create financially significant losses when they locate and consume food crops. Corn is one of their favorites. A near certain sign of a skunk infestation in your cornfield is removal of only the lower ears of corn with the stalks undamaged and left standing erect. Skunks are also known to prey on chicken eggs and adult chickens and tend to kill one or two chickens at a time. The main sign that your eggs have been eaten by skunks is that they are found to have been opened on one end and appear to have had the edges crushed inward (toward the interior) of the egg.

Skunks Digging for Grubs Destroy Lawns, Golf Courses, and Parks

The digging behavior of skunks creates unsightly 3-4” cone-shaped holes and patches of bare soil as they seek out insect grubs for consumption in residential lawns, golf courses, gardens, parks, and other maintained areas.

Skunks are known carriers of the rabies virus. If you encounter a skunk that is active during the day or directly approaches you, exit the area immediately and contact Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control. We are available for 24/7 emergency skunk removal to eliminate potentially rabid and dangerous skunks from your property. To schedule a skunk removal or barrier installation service, contact us toll-free at: (866) 442-9360.