Prompt Removal of Venomous and Non-Venomous Snakes

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control provides prompt removal of both venomous and non-venomous snakes. The dangers of venomous snakes are obvious and can include tissue swelling, discoloration, pain, nausea, vomiting, and other serious reactions. All bites from venomous snakes (even baby snakes) require immediate medical attention.

The mere presence of any snake tends to cause fear and unease for our customers. Even non-venomous snakes sometimes bite. Some species of snakes also leave an unpleasant odor in their vicinity. Whether you have one snake or an entire snake colony on your property, you can count on Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control for professional, permanent removal of the offending snake(s).

Venomous Rattlesnake and Copperhead Removal in PA and NY

Although Pennsylvania is home to twenty-two species of snakes, only three of these species are venomous and only two are located in or near the Northeastern region of Pennsylvania.

Seventeen species of snakes live in the state of New York. There are only three venomous snakes that make New York their home and only two of these may be encountered in our central New York service area. Their distribution is sporadic and these snakes are not very common in Central New York.

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control offers removal and management of all venomous snake species in our service area.

The two venomous species likely to be encountered in Northeastern PA and Central NY are easily identified by their cat-like elliptical pupils, which resemble a slit. The venomous snakes include:

The Timber Rattlesnake: Pennsylvania’s largest venomous snake is a valuable predator of rodents and inhabits mountainous regions throughout the state. Their numbers are increasing.

The Northern Copperhead: The most abundant venomous snake in the region prefers to live in rocky areas such as abandoned foundations, rock walls, and hillsides. They are known to co-exist in dens with rattlesnakes.

Nuisance Snake Removal in PA and NY

You are much more likely to encounter one of the following non-venomous nuisance snakes in Northeastern Pennsylvania or Central New York. These snakes, like all snakes, perform vital rodent control and ecological benefits. However, if their presence in your structure or on your property is causing you unease, you can count on Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control for efficient, humane removal and management of these snakes.

  • Black Rat Snake (NY & PA)
  • Garter Snake & Shorthead Garter Snake (PA & NY)
  • Eastern Milk Snake (NY & PA)
  • Eastern Hognose Snake (NY & PA)
  • Eastern Worm Snake (NY & PA)
  • Northern Black Racer (NY & PA)
  • Northern Brown Snake (NY & PA)
  • Northern Redbelly Snake (NY & PA)
  • Northern Ringneck Snake (NY & PA)
  • Northern Watersnake (NY & PA)
  • Queen Snake (NY & PA)
  • Ribbon Snake (NY & PA)
  • Smooth Green Snake (NY & PA)
  • Rough Green Snake (PA)
  • Black Rat Snake (PA)
  • Kirtland’s Snake (PA)
  • Mountain Earthsnake (PA)
  • Eastern Smooth Earthsnake (PA)

If you are experiencing an infestation of venomous or non-venomous snakes of any type, contact Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control for prompt, professional removal. Avoid the possibility of having your family and guests bitten and scared by these snakes when they wonder onto your property. Snakes perform many valuable ecological services including keeping the rodent population under control and are protected by state law. However, you do not need to allow them to live in your home or on your property. Call us toll-free for 100% humane, permanent snake control and barrier installation service: (866) 442-9360.