Safe Effective Squirrel Trapping and Removal Service

Squirrels Gnaw on Wires and Create Fire Hazards

Fur & Feathers Wildlife Control provides safe, effective, and 100% humane squirrel trapping and removal service throughout our Northeastern PA and Central NY service area.

Squirrels are a well-known pest species that affect residential and commercial properties throughout Pennsylvania and New York. These rodents can have devastating effects on nut crops, cause extensive damage to tree bark and lawns, and create serious fire hazards when they invade attics and gnaw on electrical wires. Squirrels may consume or otherwise remove such vast quantities of pinecones, nuts, and vital tree components that they may interfere with the natural reseeding process and affect commercial production to devastating ends. In some cases, squirrels have been known to eliminate up to 80% of the pinecones from a region.

Squirrels: A Serious Orchard and Agricultural Pest

Squirrels are a serious pest affecting fruit and nut-producing orchards. They are known for practicing the habit of eating nuts before they are ripe and carrying away mature nuts to consume or hide. Squirrels may also have devastating effects on fruit orchards where one of their favorite activities involves consuming the ovaries of cherry blossoms and utterly devastating ripe pears. They commonly chew through maple syrup production lines, dig up and eat planted seeds, mature fruits, corn, and destroy many other agricultural commodities and garden products.

Squirrels Destroy Transformers and Cause Structural Damage

Squirrels can cause immense financial losses for power companies and their customers when they travel along major power lines and short out and destroy transformers. In addition, they also cause structural damage to homes and businesses when they gnaw into roof eaves and build nests, resulting in increasingly severe water backup and damages.

Squirrels Consume Songbirds and Harbor Diseases

Squirrels create nuisance issues for bird watchers when they take massive amounts of birdseed from birdfeeders and attack and consume songbird nestlings. In addition, many species of squirrels harbor a variety of zoonotic diseases and parasites. Squirrels are particularly vulnerable to infestation by the larvae of the bot fly (also known as “wolves” or “warbles”).

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